Your hair: From shoulder to the back!

Few years back I had really short hair and I was told that it won't grow long and at that point in my life, I was obsessed with braids which requires long hair. Therefore, I was on a quest to lengthen my hair. I had tried everything, packs, serums, not cutting my hair, you name it, I've tried that. So, then while Pinteresting, I stumbled upon the no-poo (no-shampoo) method. Now I only tried the method for a couple of months, but it worked wonders. I'll here tell you how to do it and also how it benefits in helping your hair become healthier. 

Shampoo: Baking soda and water 

Mix one spoon of baking soda in one cup of water, now the proportion may vary for everyone's hair, experiment a little and figure out your ratio. What it does is, cleanses your scalp and removes the build up of product and the opens up the hair follicles. You should only use this on your scalp and not on the length of your hair. Don't make a baking soda paste because it will dry out your hair. 

Conditioner: Apple cider vinegar and water

Mix apple cider vinegar and water and store it in a bottle that way you won't have to mix every time you wash your hair. The mixture smells bad so you can add essential oils which will also give it additional benefits. Apply this on the length of your hair and leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing. 

Serum: Argan oil

Add a few drops of your desired essential oils in Argan oil and after washing apply them thoroughly on the length of your hair. It helps in repairing your hair and provides the extra nourishment you need. During this, remember not to oil your hair because it can't be removed using baking soda. 

The first few weeks will be the transition period for your hair and it will be an oily mess. But wait it out, your hair at this phase is trying to figure out the amount of sebum to produce. The traditional shampoo strips off the natural oil and this procedure restores it, thus making your hair healthier and longer. If you're not ready to adopt this method completely, try it for a few months in between and switch back to your regular shampoo. This helped make my hair better, longer and now my hair touches my waistline.