Do you know how to pick a Foundation?

Wake up & make up! 
For your makeup to be perfect, your base has to be perfect and no base is complete without foundation. A foundation is like the first layer of protection, it hides all the imperfections and prepares your face the heavy or light onslaught of makeup. Now since the foundation is so important, there are a few tips and tricks you must keep in mind while buying the product. For a newbie, this can be daunting and they may end up buying a wrong product which means money gone down the drain, and everyone knows, makeup doesn’t come cheap. So, I have devised a few points which one should keep in mind before buying a foundation.  

1.  Keep your skin type in mind
If your skin is dry, and you’re using powder foundation, it can appear all wrong on your face and it’ll appear cakey. If your skin is oily, and you’re using moisturizing cream based type, your face will look like an oil tank in a few hours. The best way is to know your skin type and then invest accordingly. If your skin tends on the drier side, it’s best if you pick a cream foundation. 

2.  Coverage
Foundations usually come with buildable coverage, but depending on your skin condition, you should ask the SA in the store for a specific kind. I, fortunately don’t have huge pores and don’t have a lot of blemishes, so I buy medium coverage foundations, its one layer acts as light-medium coverage and another layer will act as medium coverage. 

3.  Not give heavy feel
Your foundation should feel like a second skin, if it feels heavy, it’s probably the wrong kind and will end up providing you with a cakey look in a while. Also, you should feel comfortable in the makeup you’re wearing, otherwise you’re just going to be a mess. If you can’t understand how will it feel on your skin, apply the foundation, leave it on and go shop for a while, if you’re comfortable and don’t find the product heavy, go ahead and buy it. 

4.  Avoid SPF
SPF is normally recommended for daily wear, but if you want to keep this foundation for special occasions, avoid SPF. The reason being when wearing SPF in pictures, your face will appear to have a white cast over it, making you look like a ghost, and there ain’t anybody want that. So, for regular wear when you need SPF, use one instead of a moisturizer before and on days when you know you’ll be photographed, avoid SPF. Or if you can, just buy two, one with SPF and one without. 

5.  Color of the foundation
The foundation color should not be a shade lighter or darker and should perfectly match your skin tone. Another mistake which people usually make before buying foundation is test the color on the hand. This is plain wrong because the color of the hand and your face is completely different, foundation should always be swatched on the neck to test the color. 

So these are a few basic tips, if you need more or have any queries, comment below, or DM me.
Have a great day lovelies.