The Body Shop Vanilla Chai Shower Gel Review

Hola chicas,

I love shower gels and even more than that, I love keeping a few of them in my bathroom shelf and using a different one every day. It’s exciting and I get to smell different every day. So, I always look out for the new body washes from The Body Shop (I love TBS as well). This winters, they launched the special Vanilla Chai (mmm, yum). I was excited at the thought of it but there’s no TBS store where I stay but when I was on my way home, I found a store in the Bangalore airport and I treated myself to a bottle.

Price: ₹ 595

This is the new packaging which they started with the British Rose range, so it comes with a cylindrical body, a long neck and a tight black cap. The cap does not open and is safe to travel with, however, the plastic may deform a little. The shower gel is of yellowish brown color and it smells heavenly. Just imagine being hit by a strong whiff of vanilla and a light fragrance of chai. I usually took a bath after my workout, and it is the best feeling in the winters. It’s like you’re drinking vanilla chai in a cold winter’s evening in front of the fire, wishing you had marshmallows.

The consistency of the shower gel is perfect, it’s not runny and has a consistency on the thicker side. This 250ml lasts you a long time. They have other products from this range as well and you can pair them up for a complete body experience. The problem with these shower gels is that the fragrance isn’t very long lasting. This was a limited edition product and will still be available at the stores but not online. This product is perfect for winters and may feel a little heavy on the skin in summers as it has a warm ring to it. I don’t think I’ll use any other product in winters to clean myself after this. It’s become a must-have in my kit and I hope TBS brings to a full time product in winters.

Do try it out guys and get lost in the fragrance of vanilla-chai!