Our kind of Love!

Hello world,

I just Googled the two words: ‘Modern Relationships’ and guess what Google didn’t have anything positive to show. Why you do this, Google? What irks me is that why is there such a negative notion about modern relationships. No one said that the current generation doesn’t want or need love. The negative view about relationships these days is generalized and they do not hold true under all circumstances. The thing is no one wants to settle. We are living in a time when everything is quick and done in seconds, there are 7.49 billion people in the world, then why should you settle for someone who isn’t fit for you and cannot satisfy you emotionally.

The usage of various dating apps such as tinder is criticized so widely. But, why? There has to be a way and a medium where people can meet. So, the dating app does that. There are people who meet on Tinder and get married, here are a few examples! Now, it’s up to the person using the app on what kind of relationship they are looking for. If they don’t want to be in a serious relationship, then it’s their wish. There are some people who are not fit to be in a relationship, and you definitely cannot force it on them. There are people who don't have enough time to devote to a relationship, and there can be a million other reasons why one does not want to be in one. Why do we have the need to criticize?

The concept of the “right one” isn’t exaggerated. There is a person who is fit for you, (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a single person) who will satisfy you emotionally, who will be your best critic, who will support you and push you. When you meet these kind of people, you will immediately want to put your phones away and spend quality time with them. You will love conversations with them and you wouldn’t worry about becoming a boring couple, because you never will be one. All your commitment issues will fly away and you will learn to love. Till the time comes, it isn’t wrong to date for a few years, live together as a couple and work on the flaws.

Living together prepares you for the hurdles that’ll come ahead and shows you how you will act when you’re with the one in a closed space for a long period of time. It’s like a test drive for a car you really, really like and you have your eyes set on it. You know you’re going to buy that particular one but you want to be 100 percent sure. You may love a person with all your heart but that may not change the fact that you may not fit. The world can call our generation full of quitters, but we know what we want and once we do know, we strive and achieve what we want.

Gone are the days when men had to pay for the dates and buy all the expensive gifts while women had to cook and clean the house. Nowadays, both men and women earn and both love to pamper each other, whether it’s paying for dates or buy expensive gifts. Men know how to cook as well and help around the household chores. Not only this, men and women raise their children together and both spend quality time with them. This makes them happier as a couple and as individuals, so is there really anything negative about it?

It’s time that the society stops giving a negative spin to everything the younger generation does and adapt things as they change. They say that change is the only constant in life but they fail to accept the change in the society with the generations. Let’s grow our minds and our hearts and learn to accommodate all kinds of love and relationships that exist in the world. Above all, let’s learn to love, ourselves and others.