Let's celebrate Women!

I’ve been waiting to write an article like this since years, and now when it’s here, I don’t know what to write. My mind is blocked by a movie being played beside me, so anyways, all you readers, Happy Women’s Day! For all those who read my other article “No strings attached” know that I don’t care for these days, I feel a relationship shouldn’t have a single day for celebration. You can always celebrate it, take your spouse out for dinner, cook for your mother, take your father out to a new place, bake a cake for your family, and the list continues. You can always celebrate your relationship with the other person. But, there’s something about Women’s Day!

A few years back on Women’s Day, I read a monologue written by Kalki Koechlin and that article is my favorite material ever written. She went on to perform the monologue in 2014 and ever since then I watch it every year and read it whenever I need inspiration. There are millions of rape cases every year, half of which aren’t even reported. Killing of female child, child marriage and so many more crimes which are just horrendous to recall. Thank goodness for the sati ban else the male to female ratio would have skyrocketed. I read this in a book, the reason women started Karva Chauth (a fast women keep for longer lives of their husbands) was because they didn’t want to have to sit on the funeral pyre with their dead husbands and longer lives of husbands meant longer lives for them. Sad, isn’t it? What did they think, what would women become without their husbands, independent and powerful?

If I’m wearing a dress or a pair of shorts which highlight my legs, am I asking for old uncles and creepy men to stare at me as I walk down the street with my friends? If I enjoy drinking with a few friends, am I immoral? Can’t I be moral and drink? No one questions the morals of the uncles with drinks in their hands trying to feel up some girl in party.

The modern woman is asking for some space, freedom and to let her take part in activities men have been taking up all their lives, to not let her clothes be a symbol of her moral. Draupadi was one such woman who was interested in the history and warfare along with home science and let her be an example. There are so many women like her in history, who prove that women can be a part of any field and excel in it, given the opportunity. All this requires some knowledge and education on the part of the nation.

In this generation, to be mentally independent you’ve to be financially independent, and that requires education. If every well-to-do household takes up the responsibility of education of a girl child, then at least she can support and stand up for herself. She will know the difference between right and wrong, if she’s empowered, she can empower women and girls around herself. In a recent study, it was found that women lose their self-worth and self-confidence when they hit puberty. If every individual took care and helped empower their daughters at this age, we would have stronger women with higher self-worth and confidence; and let’s face it, when the women perform better, everyone around does.

Let these tales be inspiration to our daughters and let them find love among themselves and others. There’s no field in which women cannot perform, let them learn from that. Teach them to be safe and to stand up for themselves and others around them, teach them to do good, and be wise when taking life decisions. Teach them to learn from their mistakes and to stay astray from scrutiny, and most importantly teach them to be themselves!

To celebrate Women’s Day, let’s go back in time, and watch what Kalki Koechlin had to say: