Help! She's Monster-ating!


Most of my articles are read by girls, so today I thought I’d write one which will benefit both guys and girls: Menstrual cycle! Now, all guys reading this article must be thinking that how does it relate to them and why should you go on reading this article, but trust me you should. Don’t you wish you could talk to your sisters or girlfriends better during this time or help them feel better and actually know what’s going on in their minds? This article will be a win-win for both genders, because after this men will know what to do and what not to do and since they will know, women can relax these few days and not be miserable because their partners don’t know what to say and what to do. I’ll share with you a few tips and tricks. 

Disclaimer: The title does not mean any disrespect to any woman and is just a reference from one of my favorite tv shows: “Modern Family”.

1. It's real
Firstly, believe that it’s real and that it happens. It’s not something women make up to seek attention, and believe me, every month every single woman wishes that it wasn’t.

2. Try to understand how they feel
It’s not easy being on the receiving end of periods, that too every month. If it’s difficult for you to just talk to her, imagine her dilemma, bleeding for 5 days straight with stupid cramps. Talk to her and comfort her. Try not to bring up sensitive topics during this time as it may stress her out, leading to further discomfort.
The feeling of PMS can be best explained by a roller coaster in which you have no idea when it’s going to be a high and when it’s going to be low. While you’re sitting on it, imagine someone continuously punching your stomach. This is what it feels like, partially. There’s so much more which cannot be put into words.

3. Pamper her
During this time, let her eat all the junk food in the world she wants and bring her the food she asks for, even if she’s trying to watch her weight. This is not the time to eat right and healthy. Ask her to eat bananas as it helps restore lost nutrients into her system. Don’t surprise her with food as she’ll have weirdest cravings and may just lash out on you for bringing her something she didn’t want. Bring her chocolates and ice cream and always ask her what she wants. 
One time, my boyfriend got my favorite cupcakes after his workout to cheer me up and it worked like a charm. Hug her all the time. Rub her belly when she has cramps and get hot water bag. You can also tell her to take a hot shower as it relaxes the muscles and relieves cramps. Rub her back and foot as well. 

4. Distract her
Distraction is the key to avoid menstrual cramps. On the days she’s feeling really low with cramps, she’ll just want lie down and watch some of her favorite videos or movies. Watch movies with her which will make her feel special and also that you care for her. Let her pick the movie even if you don’t like it. Don’t complain about her being dull this time and just let her rest. That’ll be the best for the both of you. 

5. Emotional roller-coaster
Mood swings are like an emotional roller coaster which has no end. You can be happy and enjoying one minute and then next you may feel really low. During this time, don’t blame things on her; even if it’s her fault, keep the topic up for discussion at a later period.

6. Extreme weakness
Some of us have it worse than others because they face extreme weakness. So she may be extremely weak and may not want to get out of bed. Get her some vitamin and calcium supplements and help her rest. You can use lavender flowers or essential oil to relax her body. It soothes the mind and a few drops on the pillow can help her sleep like a baby.

7. Bloating
The thing about bloating is that you know it exists but it still makes you feel fat and this has got to be the second worst thing about periods, after mood swings. Tell her over and over that she hasn’t become fat and it’ll all be okay in a few days. This fat feeling may prevent her from eating chocolates and other magical food which will make her feel better.

8. Chocolate always works
I told you earlier that always ask her what food to bring for her, but remember, chocolate will always work. If you don’t know what temperature she’d want it to be, get her a chocolate bar. If she’d like it cold, chocolate ice cream and hot, then cake. If she complains about getting fat, comfort her by saying that she needs the energy now and the chocolate will make her feel better. It will always earn you brownie points and she’ll end up happy after it. 

I hope you find these useful the next time you need them, and if you have any specific questions, ask in the comment section below. Take care of yourself and your girl.