Cutting brokers' cut!

Hi guys,
Moving to a new city is a scary affair; firstly, it’s a new city, new people, new places, and everything else is new and second of all, looking for a new house can be a nightmare. A perfect house needs to be in a perfect location, near your office, should have facilities around the building and should be well-kept. Furnishing an un-furnished house can create a hole in your pocket and can create a chaos in your life. Everyone wishes that you could pick a house and just start living in. No brokers, no buying of furniture and cheap rents, well guess what, Nestaway gives you that. 

To rent a house, just sign up in Nestaway and enter the locality of the city you’re relocating to. They have a variety of options- 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK, shared rooms, private rooms and entire house. You pick the one you like and arrange for a meeting and visit the house. You can then finalize the house and move in according to your convenience.This saves time as you don’t have to visit multiple houses to check out the facilities. Nestaway provides services such as plumbing, electrical, furnishing etc, which can be provided at just a simple click on their website or app.  

Also, many flats are not willing to rent out homes to singles, be it girls or boys. Nestaway has exclusive filters just for that. They have a concept of a half BHK which basically means you have a shared  bedroom and the entire house. You share your room with another person and the entire house is yours. The deposit is low and so is the rent, there also isn’t a brokerage amount. The flats are furnished and well-maintained. They even provide things such as utensils, refrigerator and sofas.

Now, you must be wondering, why am I writing this article, it’s not really related to my platform and it’s not a sponsored post, to tell you the truth I’m worried about moving to Bangalore and my friends have scared me. Currently, there’s a drive going on by Nestaway which has various discount offers. Signing up HERE now can earn you a voucher of ₹1000, there’s also an online quiz on the 2nd of April which has a prize money of about ₹7000. You can REGISTER HERE and earn various benefits.

Next time when you relocate, you won’t have to fret about finding a place and a new home will be just a click away. Here are a few stories from people who have rented homes from Nestaway. 


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