NYX Gel Liner & Smudger Review

How have you all been? There are certain people who just can’t live their lives without a good eyeliner, you know what I mean, an eyeliner which doesn’t smudge, stays the same way after you’ve worn it and so on. Most of the liquid liners do the job well but I’m not really a fan of liquid liners; I love gel liners and those who use them know the biggest problems with them- they DRY!!!!! (Really soon). So, basically I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect gel liner ever since the first time I used them. My first gel liner was Maybelline and it dried out really fast, and like a fool, I bought another one of those pots which I lost and the third one, well that was a sad story again. So, I thought of investing a little more money and trying another brand; that’s when Nykaa launched NYX on their site. Oh btw, I’m one of those people who love to buy new things when there’s exams around the corner, and that’s how I grabbed NYX Gel liner & smudger.

Price: ₹ 925

Where to buy: There’s a Sephora in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai. I’m not too sure of the places where it’s coming up as of now. But, for everyone else, there’s Nykaa to the rescue. I’ve attached a link for everyone who wants to check the product out: NYX Gel Liner & Smudger.

The product itself:
The liner pot is a similar one to the other brands, black cap and a matte-finish bottom. When you first open the liner, the surface is so smooth, your heart just skips a beat. They have the top sealed with plastic and you have to remove the seal to use it. I didn’t want to use it because I was afraid I would spoil the look. If it hadn’t been for the past bad experiences with gel liners, I would have found the amount steep, but I had nothing to lose, so I was okay with spending this amount.

The texture of the liner is dreamy, it’s unbelievably smooth and there’s no problem at all with application, just take a little product and one smooth glide across your lids would leave you with perfect liner; I was dancing when I first used it. It’s the blackest liner and it stays put forever, I’ve had it on for an entire day and I didn’t feel the need to touch up. It sets in seconds, so if you want to smudge you’ve to be quick and its waterproof, so remove using oil-based remover. I also use it on my waterline and it didn’t irritate my eyes.

I purchased this liner in November (four months), and this hasn’t changed its texture at all since then. It hasn’t dried up even a little bit and it smoothly glides on my eyes. There’s only one problem though, it doesn’t come with a brush. What you can actually do is keep the brush you’re currently using as the brush for this liner as well. A little product goes a long way in this because I’ve only used one-fourth of the liner as of now and I’m a regular user. I came across this tip when doing some reading, always store your container upside down to prevent early drying of the liner. This keeps the liner intact and doesn’t allow it to dry soon.

Here are some looks I've created with this liner:

I have no complains about this liner, its textbook perfect and I couldn’t be happier with it. It’s one of those products which I know I’ll be purchasing again when this one is over. Do check it out guys. I’m sure you’re going to love it.