No Strings Attached

Hey guys,

I haven’t written in a while because my friend from school was here, so my weekend started early and it feels so amazing when your old friends come to see you. They remind you of simpler times and when everything in life was easy-peasy. We didn’t think much before doing something, did what felt right in our hearts and just enjoyed to the fullest. This weekend is going exactly like that, meeting up old school friends, going drinking and then eating burgers and then back to drinking and dancing, introducing to the few friends I’ve made in college and beaches. 

How many of you guys can keep in touch with your old friends? I envy you, only because I’m so bad at doing it. Whenever I miss someone and am about to text them, I just get busy doing something else and then umm.. forget about it. So, last week I was just missing all my school friends (oh btw, I grew up in one of the best boarding schools in India) and then just decided to Skype or text them and it was so great catching up. It just cheers you up, talking about school to the ones you’ve grown up with.

The thing about boarding schools are that your friends become your family, you grow up with them and end up shaping each other’s lives. It’s like growing up with no parental control with siblings and the rules are so crazy, you just end up breaking all of them and it does something to you, bringing you closer. It’s one of the best experiences and lifetime as well. So, when I realized that I haven’t been doing a good job keeping in touch with the people who shaped my lives, I was hit with guilt and immediately made efforts to talk to them and know what was going on in their lives.They were there when times were simpler, there was no judgement and no strings attached and they became family. In between all this, one of my best friends decided to visit me and this weekend was the best one in such a long time. We have a Friendship Day, and various other days to maintain our relationships with people, but I don't believe in celebrating them as they ruin the true value of the relationship. Friendship can't just be done right in a day, you've to make an effort to be there for each other constantly.

Wherever we go, we meet people and decide whether we like them or not and what kind of relationship to maintain with them. As girls, it’s important to find other girls who will support you and lift you up and empower you! We are in that century where maintaining girl friendships are more important than anything else. They’ll give you the best advice no matter how much they hurt, they’ll tell you about how fat you’ve become, how bad your makeup is and teach you things no one ever will. They are your siblings and your friends and your family. They’re the ones who’ll dance at your cousin’s weddings and yours and will get you out of any situation. So, if you’ve a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, pick up the phone, call them up and ask about their lives and catch up, it’ll again remind you of simpler and good times. Cheers to friendships everywhere all around the globe.