Shop till you drop!

Hello shoppers,

I’ve chosen this platform to express my passions, last one was about fitness motivation. Let’s now talk about another of my favorites: shopping. Being a student, it is difficult to spend a lot; which means I’ve to restrict my budget and decide on things what I really want and need. Another problem in my case is that I don’t live in a city, I’ve to shop only once or twice a year. This burns a hole in my pocket. This won’t be a problem after a year when I move to Bangalore officially. I’m so ecstatic! Let me help you out with a few smart shopping tips so that you can save yourself from those unnecessary expenditure.

1.  Use cash instead of card
This is from personal experience. When I use my debit card for payment at the stores, I don’t realize the amount I’m spending and thus I end up buying more. Paying via cash makes you keep a track of the amount you’re spending. Therefore, a cashless market may be harmful for you in a way. On my last shopping trip, I used cash and I found myself questioning everything I was buying and I ended up spending half of what I usually do when I use my card.

2. Prepare a list
I shop twice a year and I don’t like to shop online. I don’t really like buying clothes and other items without trying them on first. When I do go out to buy, I first prepare a list of all the items I really do need to the “I need” list and then add the luxurious “I want” items to a different list. This way when I enter the shops and stores, I have a clear head and I know what I am looking for. It helps me steer clear of those sales gimmick.

3. Budget
After you’ve prepared a list, assign budget to each of these items. If you see yourself crossing the budget, reconsider the items on your cart or reduce the budget from other areas. If you keep your budget in mind while you choose the items, it’ll be much easier. If you try them on and fall head over heels in love with them and they end up crossing your budget, it may cloud your judgement.

4. Beware of sale items
Shopping during the sale time may feel like a golden chance to get those expensive items but be really careful. These clothing items may usually be from the last season or may be damaged. Also, the word ‘sale’ plays a trick on our minds. We see a shirt for 499 INR only and we think to ourselves, “I’ve a new shirt and it’s only for 499, I can make the shirt worth it. It’s comfortable and I’ll wear it all the time!”
If you don’t like it now, you’ll never like it. And what if it’s cheap, that’s still 499 INR gone from your wallet. Then it isn’t an investment anymore. But if you’re smart about it, you can get items at a much cheaper price than the actual one while shopping during sale.

5. Shop alone
I feel shopping alone can be so therapeutic. It can really give you time with yourself and really make you decide what you really like. Shopping with a friend can make you pick up items you don’t really need. Also, your choices may not match and you may tend to leave things you may like or vice versa.

6. Know your style
Before you actually to shopping, know what you like and what you do wish to buy. You can go through the current styles and colors in fashion and keep them in your mind. This way when you are shopping, you can buy that style if you come across it. It also eliminates the chances of buying clothes of the same style. On one my shopping trips, I ended up buying two tops of the same pattern; I don’t really regret them but it’s the same pattern so it just feels weird.

7. Don’t shop hungry
Not only hungry, any of the extreme moods can make you spend your money in a careless manner. Keep some nuts and water in your bag when you hit the stores so that you can binge on them while shopping. This will save your money on shopping snacks and give the energy kick you need.

8. Comfort shopping
The stores have really good collection when there’s no sale. So, next time when you’re shopping and you see an item you love, and looks lovely on you, pick it up. It may be expensive but you’ll love wearing that item and you’ll really adore it.
Also, if you go for a shopping spree once in a while, keep a little amount aside for those “I want” list items. You’ll really love those in the long haul. It may be an expensive dress, bag or makeup. In my case, it’s always makeup. I love buying new makeup. This time, I ended up buying a lipstick from Mac and three eye shadows from Inglot. When I was unpacking them, I was so happy.

Shopping doesn’t always have to be about spending a lot of money. It can be comforting and add new items to your wardrobe without smashing your wallet.

Have fun on your next shopping spree! 👠