Do you even lift?

I’m back with a fitness post. There’s this crazy myth going around since years now that heavy lifting can make women look bulky. Whoever started this myth should be hunted down! This is possibly the worst fitness myth out there. There are just so many crazy myths about fitness. I’m pretty sure the people who started the journey of fitness and gave up midway are the ones who started these myths. Now, I know it may be difficult for everyone to believe me when I’m saying that these are just myths. But to prove that I know a little about getting fit, I’ll just say that I’ve had enough of my ups and downs on this road, I have stumbled, fallen flat on my face and then repeated the entire cycle over a few times to finally get it right now. I’m not quite where I want to be, but I’m at the right path. In 7 months, I’ve managed to reach my first target and now I no longer fall in the overweight category and I’ve jumped body sizes. So, I think I’ve gained your trust. Let me break a few training myths for you.

Heavy lifting: Bulky body?
Women are missing the key ingredient in their hormones to build muscle: testosterone. The amount of testosterone in our bodies is just not enough for bulking up. Women need to take supplements to bulk up and a special diet. In fact, heavy lifting combined with a calorie deficit diet can give you a well-toned shape and body. It’ll give muscle definition and remove the excess fat that is there above the muscle. It’ll add strength to your muscle as well. When you strength train, your muscles are broken down and regenerated in 24-48 hours, this is when your muscles call for higher amount of calories and thus your metabolism is faster after your workout. All the food that you’ve consumed after your workout goes into building those muscles. This is why choosing your diet is important.
Even for men, bulking up to an extent is easy. After that, they need supplements and a high calorie diet. You’ve probably seen them indulging in protein powders which help in their bulking up. It’s not easy for them as well.

Diet or gym?
Most of us have a thought in mind that if we are working out, we don’t have to focus on what we eat. There’s a saying which puts all of this into perspective “get fit in the gym and lose weight in the kitchen”. Same goes for the diet part. The diet alone can get you to lose weight up to a certain degree. For absolute toning and fitness, you’ll need to lift. Working out along with a combination of foods can result in a good well-toned body. You need to include a good amount of veggies and protein in your diet to get lean and fit. There’s a different kind of diet of a different body, all you need to do is combine the diet with the right kind of exercise to get the built you wish for.

Here’s what personal trainer and the winner of Jerai Miss Bikini Diva South, Sravani Sinha has to say about bulking and diet:

“First and foremost, yes, there are women who are extremely muscular and they look like men, but, those women have not attained that physique only through lifting heavy. Diet wise, they are on caloric surplus, i.e., consume a lot of calories. And OBVIOUSLY they use hormones to enhance their physique. You must have heard about steroids, they boost the testosterone levels and hence, bulky body. So, one doesn’t have to worry about being bulky at all if she is only lifting heavy. Also, repetitions matter. For example, if you want to gain mass, you will do 6-10 reps and go heavy. That will make your muscles grow, whereas 15-20 reps give the toned and lean look and builds endurance. But diet is a HUGE factor. Diet contributes 80% to the physique. Calorie surplus to gain mass and deficit to lose fats. For slimmer waist, green vegetables and high protein diet is the key, and healthy fats in moderation, too much of it will get stored as fats. Healthy fats are omega 3, 6 from flaxseed, avocado, all sorts of nuts, fish, egg yolk, olive oil, coconut oil and from supplements such as fish oil/flaxseed oil capsules. The key is unsaturated fats are healthy fats. So, always read the labels while purchasing food items. All the best for your fitness journey.”

So, ladies get lifting!  💪