Out with the unhealthy

How’s the holiday for everyone? Cheating on your diets, eh? Hehe. I just am in a mood to indulge today (woke up late and breakfast got screwed up). So, I’d been hungry almost all day, that’s when I decided to make macroni and it was yum.

This is completely contrary to what I’m going to share with everyone today. I’ve been wanting to write about how I lost so much weight in 7 months with the diet I’m following. The entire diet is a difficult to share, so I’ll talk about the replacements you should make in your current diet, which includes the varieties of ingredients you must use in your dishes. It’s not very easy to follow. This is just the ingredients, if you do want specific recipes for the dishes, do tell me. The replacements are meal wise.

Morning coffee
Try to replace the morning coffee with either green tea or warm lemon water. If you do have your coffee without sugar, then it’s okay. But, if you don’t, either try without sugar or try warm lemon water. It is a much healthier option and green tea curbs cravings and hunger. During my diet, there was a day when I skipped out on green tea because I was just so hungry (big mistake). I ended up feeling hungry all evening. It can avoid unmindful eating.

The traditional breakfast in India is so heavy and unhealthy. Try replacing the breakfast with either overnight oats bowl with a combination of berries. You can also try the vegetable homemade daliya. There are certain semolina dishes as well which can be made. Semolina however shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities as it is a granular version of refined flour. It may not be all healthy. Other items which can be eaten are whole wheat bread, peanut butter and fruits.

Snack time
There are quite a few snacking options. You can always have fruits such as sweet lime, oranges, watermelon, apples and pears. You can grab a bowl of home-cut salads with vinegar or lime as dressing. This is appropriate for the summers but during winters we crave for something warm instead of the cold fruit. Try having boiled vegetables with lemon and pepper or soups. Snack on a fistful of nuts to keep you full for a longer time. Avoid fruit juices at all costs. They have low nutrition value and contain a lot of sugar.

Cooking medium
Cook in olive oil. Period. There’s no substitutions for this. It is the only way. It may be expensive but believe me, it’s worth every penny. It has healthy fats which is good for health. Use non-stick pans to use less quantity of the oil. Non-stick pans do consume a little extra time of yours but it’s worth the wait.

Replace rice with chappatis. If you need rice, try having brown rice. It may require some time getting used to the taste of brown rice but it is a much healthier option. Get your protein in the meals. If you’re a meat-eater, then there’s no issue for your proteins. For vegetarians like myself, have a bowl of daal for lunch whereas for dinner, you can cook other pulses such as chickpea, red kidney beans. Don’t fill your plates completely.

Cut down sugar and salt as much as possible. Salt causes bloating and retains water. Drink a lot of water. Workout whenever you can. Eat well, sleep well. Eat every meal like you’ve earned it. 
Following the diet involves a lot of determination. During the last semester, every day I had a box of snacks packed in my college bag. It was either a cup of watermelon or salad. This, I know is not possible for everyone but try to do whatever you can. Keep a track of what you put in your body. Don’t eat mindlessly. Also, cook whenever you can; it helps you avoid things which are extremely bad for your health and diet. I’ve had so many people tell me so many different things. Find what works for you and food is the best way to lose weight, eat carefully.

“Eat clean. Stay fit. And have a burger to stay sane.”
-Gigi Hadid